How do I enable HTTPS URLs?

In general use the jx upgrade ingress command.

For more detail see these blogs posts:

This information is out of date.
The jx upgrade ingress creates the following error:

Command "ingress" is deprecated, it will be removed on Sep 1 2020. We now highly recommend you use jx boot instead. Please check for more details.
error: jx upgrade ingress shouldn't be used in a Jenkins X Boot cluster.

The first link uses jx upgrade ingress, too.
The third link talks about using jx install which is also deprecated.

Ultimately, for my case, both the second and third links end up using kubectl to patch the ingress directly. That’s what I’ve been avoiding. :-/

But, if that’s the way, then that’s the way.

Yes the documentation around enabling TLS could be better. FWIW we have started to move away from using exposecontroller to dynamically generate Ingress rules and instead committing the foo-ingress.yaml files into the templates folder of each environments git repos. This makes things more declarative and gives you better control over what the ingress rule should look like. Here’s an example

With JX3 (under early development) we are planning to not use exposecontroller at all.

That 700-hook-ing.yaml example doesn’t work either because it fails on a null pointer on {{ .Values.cluster.namespaceSubDomain }}

All .Values.cluster.* actually.

I just don’t understand where the values are supposed to be, either by convention for this project or in any way that works.

I don’t know if it’s worse to not have docs or to have docs that don’t work. At times, I’ve been able to glean some crumb of understanding even from old info, and at other times, I’ve spent hours trying to get things to work based on outdated info, with no success.

I just don’t know anymore. I have to figure out if I should tell my boss that, after all this time, I can’t figure it out and maybe it’s time to find something else.

I ended up just hard coding it… but now I’m failing on vault again. So, there is that.

@rawlingsj Is there a doc or tutorial somewhere to configure HTTPS for jx3?

There are still a lot of “expose” annotations in jx3 charts, does their suppression is WIP?

There’s no guide yet, hopefully there should be one in the coming weeks. The work is as you say still WIP.

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those should be removed for any v3 chart now (though v2 folks will still be using them) as we’ve removed exposecontroller