Jenkins X does not startup

If your install fails to start there could be a few different reasons why the Jenkins X pods don’t start.

Your cluster could be out of resources. You can check the spare resources on your cluster via jx status:

jx status

We also have a diagnostic command that looks for common problems jx step verify install:

jx step verify install

A common issue for pods not starting is if your cluster does not have a default storage class setup so that Persistent Volume Claims can be bound to Persistent Volumes as described in the install instructions.

You can check your storage class and persistent volume setup via:

kubectl get pvc

If things are working you should see something like:

$ kubectl get pvc
NAME                        STATUS    VOLUME                                     CAPACITY   ACCESS MODES   STORAGECLASS   AGE
jenkins                     Bound     pvc-680b39b5-94f1-11e8-b93d-42010a840238   30Gi       RWO            standard       12h
jenkins-x-chartmuseum       Bound     pvc-6808fb5e-94f1-11e8-b93d-42010a840238   8Gi        RWO            standard       12h
jenkins-x-docker-registry   Bound     pvc-680a415c-94f1-11e8-b93d-42010a840238   100Gi      RWO            standard       12h
jenkins-x-mongodb           Bound     pvc-680d6fd9-94f1-11e8-b93d-42010a840238   8Gi        RWO            standard       12h
jenkins-x-nexus             Bound     pvc-680fc692-94f1-11e8-b93d-42010a840238   8Gi        RWO            standard       12h

If you see status of Pending then this indicates that you have no default storage class setup on your kubnernetes cluster or you have ran out of persistent volume space.

Please try create a default storage class for your cluster or contact your operations team or cloud provider.

If the Persistent Volume Claims are all Bound and things still have not started then try

kubectl get pod

If a pod cannot start try

kubectl describe pod some-pod-name

Maybe that gives you a clue. Is it RBAC related maybe?

If you are still stuck try create an issue