What to do to improve JenkinsX on Openshift

I read through the documentation of Jenkins X, tried to run Jenkins X V2 and V3 on Openshift. Both without success. The Openshift Templates needed some fixes. For one I created a PR. The others I would like to discuss with someone. Still, one of my fixes in the yaml files don’t get applied during the jx boot process. It seems as it would not take the local files from my jenkins-x-configuration directory.

Is there somebody who could help me with the setup process?

When I execute jx boot, following error comes, even thought I adapted kubeProviders/openshift/templates/controller-build-scc.yaml with the correct apiVersion (apiVersion: security.openshift.io/v1):
error: unable to recognize “/var/folders/6t/vc9qjw1x1yg1kvb_8k04m6cc0000gn/T/helm-template-workdir-236758951/jenkins-x/output/namespaces/jx/env/charts/jxboot-resources/templates/part0-scc-controllerbuild.yaml”: no matches for kind “SecurityContextConstraints” in version “v1”’

error: failed to interpret pipeline file jenkins-x.yml: failed to run ‘/bin/sh -c jx step helm apply --boot --remote --name jenkins-x --provider-values-dir …/kubeProviders’ command in directory ‘env’, output: ‘’

We love contributions! You’re best bet is just open a Pull Request and/or issue and we can discuss in more detail on github.com.

I’d recommend trying V3 though, as we’ve verified that works on OpenShift and OpenShift CRC and things are more flexible in V3. V2 is effectively in maintenance mode now

Hi James, thank you! I am evaluating a new Buildtool to replace our classic Jenkins and our self developed pipeline based on Jenkins Pipelines. We are most probably one of the biggest Softwarecompanies in Switzerland. We got in contact with Cloudbees to get commercial support for JenkinsX. Target was, to get a proof of concept up and running in our environment. If possible I would like to discuss this on a private channel with you. We would like to have at least an example running with JenkinsX V3, Bitbucket and Artifactory. At the moment we tend to migrate our own pipeline towards Kubernets/Openshift Operators and Tekton. But maybe there is a way with JenkinsX.

Is there a way we can have a short private chat?