Why is promotion really slow?

If you find you get lots of warnings in your pipelines like this…

"Failed to query the Pull Request last commit status for https://github.com/myorg/environment-mycluster-staging/pull/1 ref xyz Could not find a status for repository myorg/environment-mycluster-staging with ref xyz

and promotion takes 30 minutes from a release pipeline on an application starting to the change hitting Staging then its mostly probably due to Webhooks.

When we import projects or create quickstarts we automate the setup of CI/CD pipelines for the git repository. What this does is setup Webhooks on the git repository to trigger Jenkins X to trigger pipelines (either using Prow for serverless Jenkins X Pipelines or the static jenkins server if not).

However sometimes your git provider (e.g. GitHub may not be able to do connect to your Jenkins X installation (e.g. due to networking / firewall issues).

The easiest way to diagnose this is opening the git repository (e.g. for your environment repository).

jx get env


  • click on the generated URL for, say, your Staging git repository
  • click the Settings icon
  • select the Webhooks tab on the left
  • select your Jenkins X webhook URL
  • view the last webhook - did it succeed? Try re-trigger it? That should highlight any network issues etc

If you cannot use public webhooks you could look at something like ultrahook